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  • Tor Plus All Terrain Bike

    • All-Purpose Large Tire--Reduce the overall pressure for a smooth and safe riding on all kind of topography. Suitable for both commuter or mountain.
    • Smooth Ride--Ride everywhere and anywhere without being constrained. Extra powerful 500W BLDC motor with 80Nm torque to take on high hills and dirt roads.
    • Durable Crankset--Aluminum provides excellent power transfer with efficiency. Strong, light, durable, high axial strength and compatibility.
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  • Upland Plus Electric Fat Bike

    • Friendly UI--LCD Odometer with Easy to understand display control that provides constant monitoring of your ride.
    • Heavy-Duty Rear Bike Rack--The sturdy structure allows you carry heavy cargo. You can use it to secure panniers, bags, baskets, and other items on your commute, and even carry other people.
    • Cushioned Seating--Supportive and comfortable seat to fit all your needs. An ergonomic design with the perfect width to give you the best riding experience.
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  • Mesa City Commuter Bike

    • Shimano 7-speed Shifter--Internal geared hub provides speed shifting with a longer lifespan and low maintenance. This allows you to change gears when stationary, useful for urban riders who want to change gears at a stop.
    • LED Integrated Taillight--A brake light that also incorporates turn signaling functions while cruising, braking, and turning. They are quicker to react, last longer and use less power.
    • Adjustable handlebar--Aesthetically pleasing design and strong performance without extra stiffness. Adjustable design makes riding more flexible and easily control for all terrains.
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  • Mesa Plus ST

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