9 Reasons to Fall in Love with e-Bikes

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E-Bikes are the future. There are no two ways about it. One glance at the sales numbers from last year and you’ll see how they’re selling like hotcakes. The question is—why? Why are people so deeply in love with e-Bikes? We can think of 9 of them.


1. Convenience

e-Bikes in general are pretty convenient. Want to take a short spin? Most appropriate. But let’s face it—cycling, in general, can be exhausting. That is where e-Bikes take the cake. With the “pedal-assist” feature, the convenience factor is now amplified manifold.

The “pedal-assist” feature draws power from the motor to provide a boost to pedaling. This would in turn mean lesser strain on your lower body. Plus, if you’re taking it easy and going for shorter errands, it saves a lot of hassle. This would not be possible if you took public transport, or even walked all the way. Pretty convenient eh?


2. Distance

Speaking of motors, the e-Bike is surprisingly powerful too. The energy is directly transferred from the bike’s battery to the motor means one thing—greater distance with greater convenience. In fact, companies like Mokwheel encourage you to go the distance. With their set of pretty capable bikes, you can go all the way.

Along with the aforementioned pedal assist, you also have a fair amount of power at your disposal. Not only can you go greater distances, but you can do so in shorter periods.


3. The Element of Fun

If you’re going fast—you better have fun in it too, right? Fret not. e-Bikes are rather fun things to ride. This is owed to the fact that you don’t need to unnecessarily exert yourself along with the idea of the motor doing a good part of the work. That is what makes e-Bikes a fun addition to your wheeler list.

As an e-Bike lover, this should be good news for you. All you have to do is find the most appropriate bike for you. You probably need one that goes faster. Or perhaps one is that ergonomically greater suited for faster riding. The good thing is that you can get all that and more. You can easily find the best bikes for your taste of fun.


4. The Sheer Number of Choices

Having fun isn’t enough. You have to look good in it too! That is why people love e-Bikes. Take Mokwheel’s list of bikes on offer. Not only are they pretty fun and fast, but you sure as heck will look great in it! While some can sweep you off your feet with their curves, some others bag a bunch of aesthetics too. All are functional too, mind you.

The sheer number of choices is endless. If you want one with rugged construction, you have that. If you wish to get a more urban e-bike, you have that too. You’ll be shocked to see the number of options. Colors, sizes, designs—you can customize your e-Bike to the core as and how you wish to.


5. Easy Accessibility

What use is an alluring e-Bike if it isn’t available in your locality? Luckily, the case is far from it. e-Bikes are relatively ubiquitous and can be found almost everywhere.

This is a boon because, in a lot of countries, e-bikes are still considered bicycles. That way, you can purchase one without having to undergo the hassle of registration and unnecessary paperwork.


6. The Environment Dilemma

One of the most important reasons for them all. Using e-Bikes means not only lesser carbon emissions, but better environmental health in the long run. The logic is pretty simple. e-Bikes do not have any kind of emissions. e-Bikes also do not need any kind of fuel. Even if you paint your e-Bikes, there are healthier options instead of ones that are carcinogenic or harmful to the environment.

Using e-Bikes for the betterment of the environment is such a noble cause. Look at the carbon emissions that still exist. You should pat yourself on the back for choosing an e-Bike over anything else.



7. Heavy Pockets

Well then. Gas isn’t certainly getting cheap. And so aren’t service charges. This gives you all the more reason to go get an e-Bike right away. Think about it—most of the expensive equipment of the e-Bike like the battery—runs for a long time. Besides, there is no question of gas here.

Gas prices are soaring. Moreover, they are subject to a lot of things. Geography, politics, and everything in between. Gas prices can be subject to massive changes based on external affairs. The case isn’t the same with electricity.

While it does take an encroachment upon natural resources, companies are shifting to solar power to manufacture batteries. That being said, certain projects are aiming to send renewable fossil fuels into an obscure corner. In short—say goodbye to holes in ya pockets!



8. Fitness

There is no doubt that cyclists are extremely fit. There is also no doubt that an e-Bike emulates the presence of a bicycle. What does this mean? Greater fitness. Using an e-bike means that you are not only focusing on hypertrophy of the muscles of your lower body, but you are also doing a good amount of cardio. As you may know, cardio is important for decreasing body fat, increasing cardiac output, as well as increasing the vascularity of your body.

Well, the “pedal-assist” makes cycling a tad bit easier. But even then, any kind of exertion counts as exercise. If you travel long distances on your e-bikes, you are bound to exert your muscles a great bit.

In this day and age of people shifting to “work from home”, there is no incentive to move your body around. This makes e-Bikes all the more appropriate incentives. After all, you have something to look forward to, post-banal-work sessions. That is why people who love fitness also love e-Bikes.


9. Adventure

Do we even have to mention the associated sense of adventure that comes with e-Bikes? If you are one of those who wish to conquer the corners of the world, e-Bikes are a solid option. Judging by how many trails are there all around the world, you will need some assistance too. Thankfully, e-Bikes have come to the rescue.

Look at Mokwheel’s bikes for instance. These are meant to go the distance. Be it on rough terrain or smooth, you will make it through all. For those who are seeking some sense of thrill and adventure, e-bikes are the most appropriate tools. For the modern-day traveler, e-Bikes are the most sought-after option.


Final Words

To make things even better, Mokwheel make it easy for you to switch to e-Bikes. With their amazing bikes on offer at affordable prices, you will be making an amazing lifestyle change.




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