How Often Does My Electric Bike Need Maintenance?

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Electric bikes have…well…electrical components. Much like any other electronic device, an e-bike also needs utmost care and attention. Much more so because of how it faces abrasive conditions and the harshness of tracks and roads. So, how often should you maintain your bike? How do you ensure better care? All that and more—let’s pedal!


How Often Should You Take it for Maintenance?

As a new electric bike owner, you should ideally save the core maintenance for the pros. Sure, we will get into how you can ensure greater longevity. But in the rudimentary stages, you should take it for official maintenance.

The rule of thumb here is simple. You should take your electric bike for maintenance after every 1000kms or 1500kms. This amounts to roughly 600 to 900 miles. As your bike itself will inform you about distance traversed, monitoring the distance-to-maintenance ratio won’t be a hassle.

There are some specific cases that require you to take your bikes for quick maintenance, irrespective of the distance traversed.

For instance, if your headset seems to be a bit loose, go and get it checked. Oftentimes owing to the bumps of the road and the pressure of your wrists, your headset might become a little loose. Get that checked for a smoother riding experience.

If your suspension seems to be a bit too soft, get that checked too. You don’t want your profound posterior to face the bumps of the road now, do you? Lastly, if you see your gears going all around the place and you are facing shifting problems, take it for maintenance.

We advise you to take empirical feedback from the bike itself, and take it for maintenance if necessary. Relying on distance is a good rule of thumb, but you should always step back, take a good look at your bike, and don’t ignore that gut feeling!



This is How You Should Maintain Your Bike

While your bike needs tending to professionally, don’t just base its health on them. Your end of the job is to be responsible enough to take care of the bike too. Here are a few tips that might help you.


Battery Care

Quite possibly the heart of your bike, your battery needs good attention. Make sure to read the instruction manual regarding how to charge your battery. Moreover, ask your electric bike provider regarding the smaller titbits regarding battery health.

The reasons are simple. Battery health is super important for ensuring the longevity of the bike. Secondly, batteries are expensive. Considering how long they last, it would be pretty asinine if you end up paying for a battery before the due date.


Calm Thy Brakes  

Your brake pads need attention as much as your battery. After all, they face the brunt of your riding day in and day out. Ensure to have them in clinically good condition always.

We recommend briefly testing your brakes before every biking trip, to make sure that they aren’t on the verge of wearing out. If you’re unsure whether the brakes can last a couple of hours more, just replace your brakes. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Luckily, this is practically free for you! Mokwheel bikes come with two spare brake pads for this purpose.


Tire Pressure

Your tires are just as important as the brakes. To function normally, your tires need an optimal amount of air pressure in them. The ideal air pressure will be mentioned in your instruction manual. Use that to keep tires in check.


Moving Parts

Finally, having moving parts in good condition means your bike runs smoother. This would ensure a more efficient function of the battery itself. Lubricating your bike’s moving parts is important. Checking for loose bolts and suspension fork maintenance also falls under this.



Final Words

Professional maintenance isn’t cheap, but being responsible for your actions is priceless. Be sure to follow the aforementioned tips to make sure your bike and pockets are always intact.


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